Cetus has some wonderful interns this year who have come to us from all different backgrounds and parts of the world. Check out their impressive bios!!

Jane Walsh


This is Jane’s first season with Cetus and her first year living in BC. Born and raised in Ireland she received her B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology which gave her the opportunity to work in Killarney National Park with the education centre and the wildlife service. Once graduated she pursued her passion for scuba diving through PADI to become an instructor. Growing up next to the ocean has fueled her sport and career focus towards protecting and respecting the marine environment. Gaining this position with Cetus is an amazing opportunity to feed her lifelong obsession with orca.

Timothy Silva


This is Timothy’s first season with Cetus. Born in Newfoundland, but raised in Nanaimo, B.C., he has constantly looked for reasons to explore his passion with animals and the natural world. He attained a B.Sc. in Conservation Biology and Ecology from Griffith University in Brisbane, as well as a Diploma and Certificate of Specialization in natural resource studies from Lethbridge College. Bringing his passion and his job together has been a lifelong goal. After studying carnivores in Africa, he knew that he was destined for field work, and he is overjoyed by the opportunity to protect orcas in the islands and straits he calls home.

Clara Meechan


This is Clara’s first season working with Robson Bight and the orca. She earned her B.Sc. in speech pathology and is interested in studying cetacean communication. Clara worked with Mote Marine Laboratory and the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program in Florida, USA. She also studied Atlantic spotted dolphins with the Wild Dolphin Project in the Bahamas. She is excited to spend the summer getting to know the northern resident killer whales and their different dialects.

Kate Holmes


This is Kate’s first season volunteering with Cetus. Growing up on Quadra Island has instilled a life long passion for the British Columbia Coast and its spectacular diversity of marine life. She completed her bachelors degree in geography at the University of Victoria in 2015, with a focus in the marine environment and sustainability. Since then she has done several field seasons with the Hakai Research Institute as part of the Oceanography crew. This summer she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the valuable research that Cetus conducts, as well as exploring the area of Johnstone Strait.









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