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Beautiful Art Just in Time for Christmas!

Richard Wong teams up with Cetus Society to help protect marine mammals

Cetus is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Richard Wong, a professional wildlife artist with international credentials based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Richard has recently completed a run of prints and cards and will be donating 50% of all proceeds to Cetus Society to help fund our marine conservation programs! The cards and prints are available for purchase here.

Everyone who makes a purchase and/or spreads the word, plays an important role in our shared mission to conserve and protect threatened species.

More details about our partnership can be found below:

 Richard Wong is an internationally renowned  professional wildlife artist specializing in water-colour and oriental brush work. Richard first got involved with Cetus during our “Art for Whales” fundraiser in November of 2013. Since this time he has travelled to some exciting places including a four week residency in Australia where he engaged the public, taught workshops, studied and painted that country’s endangered wildlife.

Richard’s stay at the Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns, Far North Queensland, culminated in a solo exhibition of Canadian and Australian endangered wildlife paintings.  The show successfully engaged all communities, including the arts, science, local and visiting public, as well as their vibrant ethnic community.

Cetus would like to thank Richard for this incredible partnership opportunity and for his continued commitment to raising awareness about species conservation.

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Art For Whales Gala Event!

Join us for this fun-filled evening and support a great cause! Click here to purchase tickets. See you on the 16th!

Cetus Art Show 2013 Poster

Art for Whales! A Celebration of Our Oceans

Cetus Society is excited to announce an online art event that will be taking place on our website from now until November! See our call out to artists below and stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Killer Whale - Joanne Thomson

Killer Whale – Joanne Thomson

Call for Artists

Cetus Society Celebration of Oceans

Cetus Research and Conservation Society (Cetus) is seeking artists and artisans to participate in an on-line fundraising event and an in-place Celebration of our Oceans event to help raise money for the protection of marine life in British Columbia.  CARFAC guidelines will be followed so that this will be a win/win undertaking. Artists will retain their usual artist fee for the works and donate the balance to Cetus (suggested is 60% for the artist and 40% for Cetus)

How it works:  Artists sign up here to participate in the on-line portion of the event. Please be sure to leave your mailing address so that we can follow up with a hard copy letter verifying your participation.

Artists and Artisans can then let people know that profits from the sale of a specific art object (or series of objects) are being donated to Cetus’ ocean conservation programs. Artists will sell a particular piece (or pieces) and donate a percentage of the proceeds to Cetus (as outlined above).

Once a donation has been made, Cetus will feature this piece on our website along with a link to the artist’s page.

As a way to generate a bit of competition – 12 artists will be featured in the Fall Celebration of our Oceans event (These individuals will be selected from the participating artists and artisans who either generate the most money or sell the most items so that all donations, large and small can be recognized).

For more information about Cetus Society and our programs visit us online at or e-mail specific questions to Leah Thorpe at

Thank you for your interest in participating in these events and for any support you can offer to this worthy cause. Together we will make a big difference for marine life in British Columbia!


Cetus Research & Conservation Society.

Pennies for a Porpoise!

On February 4, 2013, the Canadian penny will be withdrawn from circulation – who needs pennies, right? Guess what – we do! Donate your pennies for marine mammals in BC and we’ll put them to good porpoise. Bring them by the office (920 Johnson St in Victoria), look for our penny jars around town, give us pennies while we’re walking down the street (along with a high five) – any which way, we’d love to receive them!
Pennies for a Porpoise

Cetus News

January 21, 2013
Leviathan Milk Stout is out! All proceeds from the sale of this beer go to Cetus – find out more here!

November 19, 2012
We’re so excited to have won this year’s Benefit Brew from Phillips Brewery!! Huge thank you to everyone who voted diligently every single day and of course, to Phillips Brewery! More details to follow…

September 4, 2012
Leah Thorpe, Cetus Director of Communications and Education, was on CBC On The Island on September 4, 2012, talking about Straitwatch and the need for funding: Straitwatch CBC Radio

March 30, 2012
Cetus received a grant from the Coastal Community Credit Union Spirit Fund and Megan, our Program Director, received the cheque from members of the granting committee. Thank you for your support Coastal Community Credit Union!

Northern & Southern Resident Killer Whale News

January 7, 2013
Jan 15 – Update from NOAA – the killer whale calf that was found on Dungeness Spit on the Olympic Peninsula (south of Victoria) on January 7th was from the Southern resident killer whale population. They will doing some additional genetic analysis to try to determine from which pod or matriline and the potential cause of death.
No clue to what killed baby orca found in Dungeness
Dead killer whale calf found on Washington beach

August 7, 2012
There’s a new calf in J-pod! Born on August 6, 2012 to J37 (Hy’Shqa), the calf has been designated J49.

May 30, 2012
A new calf in L-pod! Designated as L119, its mother is 25 year old L77, also known as Matia.

Feb 13, 2012
The killer whale that washed up on Long Beach, Washington over the weekend has been identified as L112, a member of the southern resident L Pod.

December 20, 2011
The endangered southern resident killer whales have a new calf – J48! J16 (aka Slick) gave birth to the calf (her fifth) on December 17, 2011. This is the third calf born in 2011 and brings the population of the three pods (J, K & L) to 89 animals.

News Articles

November 2013
05/11/2013 Five more gray whales wash ashore in Chukotka, Russia
05/11/2013 Wild killer whales captured in Russia for overseas marine parks, activists say
04/11/2013 Alaska fishermen rescue Orca whale stuck on rock
04/11/2013 Photographers capture rare footage of killer whales in Hawaiian waters
04/11/2013 Virus suspected in humpback whale death on Hatteras Island

October 2013
25/10/2013 Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca MP calls for federal protection of southern resident orcas
25/10/2013 10 Humpback sitings reported from Bowen Island in the past 3 weeks
23/10/2013 Whales in B.C. bombarded by constant shipping noise
06/10/2013 First Humpback Whale of the Season Sighted off Maui
06/10/2013 Howe Sound humpbacks
03/10/2013 Rescuing “Cutter” the Humpback Whale
03/10/2013 Humpback cut free from lobster pots
02/10/2013 Entangled in Fishing Line, Humpback Whale Found Dead on NY Beach

June 2013
21/06/2013 Local orca numbers lowest in 10 years
20/06/2013 Beached Gorleston whale may have tangled tail in fishing gear
19/06/2013 Watch out for humpbacks, whale groups warn boaters
16/06/2013 Gorleston Minke whale washed up on beach is put to sleep
12/06/2013 Humpback whales are big hits in Juan de Fuca Strait right now
12/06/2013 How Killer Whales Boosted Porpoise Echolocation

May 2013
31/05/2013 Humpback spotted in Howe Sound
31/05/2013 “I told them I had hit a whale. What’s not to believe?”
31/05/2013 Whale songs and melting ice: Stories of a changing Arctic
28/05/2013 Moby Doll Remembered
22/05/2013 Offshore orcas surprise whale researcher
21/05/2013 Vanquishing Zombie Fishing Nets In Puget Sound (Audio Slideshow)
19/05/2013 Disabled killer whale with missing fins survives with the help of family who hunt for its food
11/05/2013 Scientists track giant whales by their earthshaking calls
11/05/2013 Killer whale habitat could be expanded to Swiftsure Bank
09/05/2013 Rescued porpoise recovering slowly at Vancouver Aquarium

April 2013
30/04/2013 Four stranded killer whales die in North Iceland
25/04/2013 Funding shortfall could beach Victoria’s whale-watching monitors
25/04/2013 Humpback Whales Learn Feeding Technique from Peers
20/04/2013 Lack of cash leaves guardians of killer whales on B.C. coast tied to shore
16/04/2013 Dead humpback whale calf found on Oahu’s North Shore
16/04/2013 Whales rediscover New Zealand waters
13/04/2013 Dead fin whale in Burien
04/04/2013 Humpback Whale skeleton en route to Victoria museum

March 2013
29/03/2013 Dead humpback discovered near Tofino (video)
28/03/2013 Dead humpback whale found at B.C. salmon farm
28/03/2013 Humpback whale corpse in fish farm raises questions
28/03/2013 Humpback whale found in the Thames
11/03/2013 Humpback Whale Freed of Entanglement in Maui Waters

January 2013
24/01/2013 SA rescuers free entangled humpback whale
16/01/2013 Navy sonar: Canadian environmental groups get legal standing in U.S. court case
15/01/2013 Baby humpback whale carcass removed from East Oahu waters
15/01/2013 Whales’ Cause of Death Determined
10/01/2013 Freed orcas not out of harm’s way, expert says
10/01/2013 Op-Ed: Trapped orcas may not be out of the woods just yet
09/01/2013 Newborn killer whale found dead on Olympic Peninsula just south of B.C. waters
09/01/2013 ‘Extinction threat’ for UK orcas
09/01/2013 Help requested for killer whales trapped in ice near Inukjuak
09/01/2013 About 12 killer whales trapped in ice in northern Quebec
08/01/2013 No clue to what killed baby orca found in Dungeness
05/01/2013 Satellite tags helping track killer whale pod down the coast
05/01/2013 Trapped whale finds path to freedom

December 2012
31/12/2012 Humpback Whales Seek Pairings Based on Size
26/12/2012 Ailing whale washes ashore in NYC
22/12/2012 Gateway tanker noise could drive whales away from B.C.’s north coast
13/12/2012 Humpback whale rescue efforts halted
13/12/2012 Hope fades for humpback whale still stranded in Wadden Sea
12/12/2012 Stranded Humpback Whale Struggles to Free Itself
08/12/2012 Salmon fishing not affecting orcas’ health: report
07/12/2012 Fisheries wants ‘No-go zone’ back on the table
06/12/2012 ‘Swat team’ to rescue whales
05/12/2012 North Shore scientist leads research on killer whales
05/12/2012 Keep clear plan for jet skiers

November 2012
26/11/2012 California farmers want orcas taken off endangered-species list
20/11/2012 Tidal energy project scrapped after concerns raised about whale habitats within the region
19/11/2012 A whale of a discovery makes scientific splash
19/11/2012 Fear of harming whale habitat sidelines turbine project
15/11/2012 Incredibly rare WHITE humpback whale spotted off coast of Norway
14/11/2012 Scientists say turbines would put whales at risk
08/11/2012 Whale calf entangled in Sydney Harbour rope and buoys

October 2012
06/10/2012 Endangered Arabian Sea humpback whale spotted along Pakistan coast

September 2012
02/09/2012 Humpback Whales Rebounding on Brazil’s Coast

August 2012
21/08/2012 Humpback whale rescued near Kitimat, B.C.
16/08/2012 Reports of more killer whales in Nunavut waters
14/08/2012 ‘High probability’ of disturbing whales in Discovery Passage enough to convict boater
08/08/2012 Pre-teen whale mother may be the youngest yet
06/08/2012 Sydney ferry ‘hits whales in harbour’
01/08/2012 Cetus Research & Conservation Society: What We Do

July 2012
26/07/2012 Rescued porpoise update (video)
25/07/2012 A united purpose: Save a porpoise
25/07/2012 Porpoise rescued after beaching in B.C.

June 2012
21/06/2012 Necropsy shows entanglement, starvation, likely killed young humpback in White Rock
13/06/2012 B.C. whale carcass to go to education centre
13/06/2012 Humpback whale carcass towed off B.C. beach
13/06/2012 Fishing line that killed humpback whale in White Rock not from Canada, expert says
07/06/2012 10 years later, Springer still defies the odds
06/06/2012 Dog gets starring role in study on what stresses killer whales

May 2012
31/05/2012 Baby brings hope to resident orcas
30/05/2012 The race to save an entangled humpback whale
23/05/2012 How whales open their huge mouths
11/05/2012 Wiretapping for whales
10/05/2012 Blue whale struck by ship off Sri Lanka
09/05/2012 Humpback whales intervene in killer whale hunt
06/05/2012 Human fishing shown to have little effect on orcas
04/05/2012 Council grills Navy panel over killer whale protections
03/05/2012 Entangled Humpback Calf Apparently Frees Itself

April 2012
25/04/2012 Possible sighting of entangled gray whale
24/04/2012 Dead gray whale towed to NAS Whidbey for exam
24/04/2012 Albino, or just blonde: White orca ignites discussion
23/04/2012 Dead gray whale washes ashore near San Simeon
22/04/2012 White killer whale adult spotted for first time in wild
19/04/2012 Killer whales facing an airborne threat
16/04/2012 Biologists urge public to report any whale sightings using hotline
13/04/2012 Sea noise monitored for effect on whales
13/04/2012 Marine mammals are making a comeback in the Salish Sea
13/04/2012 Humpback whale rescued from entanglement
12/04/2012 Humpback whale rescued off Mt. Desert Island
11/04/2012 Canadian navy unlikely to be involved in killer whale’s death: investigators
10/04/2012 Sonar in San Juans all but ruled out in young orca’s death
10/04/2012 Ecojustice delivers a big win for the killer whales
09/04/2012 U.S. investigates if Canadian naval exercises are linked to killer whale’s death

March 2012
29/03/2012 Team attempting to free gray whale tangled in fishing gear
28/03/2012 U.S. navy says it has nothing to do with whale’s death
27/03/2012 100-metre whale watching buffer zone proposed
27/03/2012 Ongoing whale deaths generate research
24/03/2012 Killer whales need our protection
23/03/2012 Nanaimo Port Authority Search for Killer Whale Pod (CTV news video)
23/03/2012 Pod of transient killer whales makes way through local waters
23/03/2012 Was Sooke the killer whale blown up?
22/03/2012 Killer whale possibly killed by U.S. military explosion (CBC News video)
22/03/2012 Use of military sonar questioned on both sides of Canadian border
22/03/2012 Sonar safety questioned following death of whales
21/03/2012 Whale death leads to call for ban on navy exercises
20/03/2012 Humpback Whales Yield Some Sonic Secrets to Science
19/03/2012 Spinnaker the dolphin likely died from stroke
18/03/2012 Rare whale passing near Island festival
16/03/2012 Increase in Arctic Shipping Is Risk to Marine Mammals
16/03/2012 What’s Happening with Harbour Porpoise?
16/03/2012 Just 55 Alive: World’s Rarest Dolphin Faces Extinction
15/03/2012 Giant squid eyes are sperm whale defence
13/03/2012 Death at sea: speculation swirls over sonar
13/03/2012 Necropsy of L-112 performed, can be viewed online
13/03/2012 Sonar testing raises whale worries
12/03/2012 What’s in a Whistle? New study examines how transient killer whales communicate
09/03/2012 Ships threaten habitat of humpback whales, warns DFO
08/03/2012 Vancouver Aquarium dolphin Spinnaker has died
07/03/2012 Dead Orca L-112 is Beginning to Reveal the Story of Her Death
01/03/2012 Turn It Down: How Human Noise Is Disturbing the Whales

February 2012
28/02/2012 500-metre limit proposed for whale-watching boats
22/02/2012 State Senate pays tribute to Soundwatch’s Koski
21/02/2012 Body of killer whale heads home following tragic end
16/02/2012 Chinook salmon could be a health hazard
14/02/2012 Navy’s sonar use stirs environmentalists’ concerns
14/02/2012 Another tropical turtle dies in icy B.C. seas
14/02/2012 Death of young female killer whale due to mysterious trauma
13/02/2012 Dead Orca Calf is Three Year Old Victoria, One of the Endangered Southern Resident Orcas
13/02/2012 Dead endangered orca found at Long Beach
12/02/2012 North Oregon Coast Crew Responds to Beached Orca in Washington
11/02/2012 Sonar used in Juan de Fuca Strait, but marine mammals not harmed, navy says
11/02/2012 Where are the whales? is the endless question
10/02/2012 Researchers On Hunt For Killer Whales’ Winter Hideout (short NPR radio story)
10/02/2012 B.C. killer whale habitat protection ruled a legal duty
10/02/2012 Government must protect orca habitat: court
09/02/2012 New source detected for sonar that’s troubling whales: Canada’s navy
08/02/2012 How plastic bags are poisoning the planet’s greatest predators
08/02/2012 Shipping causes ‘chronic stress’ to whales
08/02/2012 Land-based pathogens discovered in marine mammals; scientists fear funding cuts for investigations
06/02/2012 Hawaii whale sanctuary expansion recommended
04/02/2012 Searchers unable to locate trio of tangled humpbacks
03/02/2012 Opposition to orca tagging gathers pace

January 2012
30/01/2012 Disappearing sea ice enticing more killer whales to Arctic: researchers
30/01/2012 Arctic Killer Whale Menu Finally Revealed
28/01/2012 Wash.: 8 sea lions found dead, apparently shot
25/01/2012 Americans approve tagging of endangered killer whales
24/01/2012 Four whales die as rescue operation continues
24/01/2012 Whale washes up at Fort Pierce Inlet
23/01/2012 Heavy Winds Land Big Creatures on Oregon and Washington Coast
23/01/2012 Do Dolphins Sleep Talk in Whale?
22/01/2012 Plan to track endangered whales may harm them, expert says
20/01/2012 NOAA designates additional critical habitat for leatherback sea turtles off West Coast
17/01/2012 Return of the whales – fin whales in Ireland
16/01/2012 Close to 50 dolphins have been stranded on Cape Cod beaches since Thursday
16/01/2012 After humpback extravaganza, gray whale migration peaking in Monterey Bay
15/01/2012 Humpback whale found dead on beach in Mexico
14/01/2012 Rare Chinese white dolphin gets DNA bank
12/01/2012 30-hour effort to save killer whale
11/01/2012 Entangled bottlenose dolphin rescued near New Smyrna Beach
11/01/2012 Researchers propose putting a price on whales
11/01/2012 Resort staff rescue stranded pygmy killer whale
11/01/2012 Whales closer to shore: quakes may be the cause
09/01/2012 ‘Dog Trained As Ultimate Whale Pooper Snooper (3 minute NPR radio story)
08/01/2012 What if a supertanker tanks?
08/01/2012 Australia’s white whale, Migaloo, may have albino offspring
07/02/2012 Pilot whales refloated after stranding in New Zealand
06/01/2012 Whale may be entangled off Diamond Head
05/01/2012 ‘Dedication and integrity unmatched’; Soundwatch’s Koski honored by MRC
05/01/2012 Humpbacks ‘Cruise’ Honolulu Harbor
05/01/2012 Right Whale Sighting Unusual For Kodiak Island Waters
05/01/2012 ‘World’s loneliest whale’ pays visit to Alaska
04/01/2012 Grand jury indicts marine biologist for allegedly feeding killer whales in Monterey Bay
03/01/2012 Rare sighting of killer whales off SoCal coastline
01/01/2012 Unique feature gives humpback whale a lift

December 2011
28/12/2011 Whale sightings something to spout about
27/12/2011 Rare Whale Encounters Baffle Researchers
26/12/2011 Orca at Tuatapere Beach, NZ
23/12/2011 ‘Winter Whales’ Spotted Off Sonesta Beach
22/12/2011 New baby whale joins pod off Pacific coast
21/12/2011 Marine mammals could suffer bends, say scientists
20/12/2011 Southern Resident Orcas Have a New Calf!
16/12/2011 Tanker traffic increase threatens the Salish Sea
14/12/2011 Whales and dolphins stranded around UK ‘total thousands’
13/12/2011 Record number of Blue Whales Sighted Off Washington Coast (with photos)
13/12/2011 Rare sighting of blue whales off Washington coast
12/12/2011 Rare sighting of humpback whale off Shetland Islands
12/12/2011 B.C. sea turtle strandings puzzle scientists
11/12/2011 Scientists excited at find of rare orca carcass in Marin County
11/12/2011 Humpback whales’ record breeding
09/12/2011 Biologists excited about West Marin orca find; skeleton may be displayed
08/12/2011 Second rescued sea turtle dies
07/12/2011 Ocean cacophony a torment for sea mammals
07/12/2011 Captive orca could test Endangered Species Act
06/12/2001 Killer whales seen off Cornwall coast
05/12/2011 After 60 Years, Porpoises Return to San Francisco Bay
04/12/2011 Nations join to protect humpbacks
02/12/2011 Whale Activists Sue To Free Lolita From Captivity
01/12/2011 Orca make rare visit to Lyttelton Harbour

November 2011
30/11/2011 Environmental groups back in court to defend killer whale ruling
30/11/2011 Killer whale Morgan arrives at new home in Spanish zoo after being flown from Netherlands
30/11/2011 Green sea turtle in poor condition after rescue near Tofino
29/11/2011 Scientists ask public to help decode whale song
29/11/2011 Killer whale washes up on Marin beach
27/11/2011 A sea turtle, never before seen in B.C. waters, has washed up on Wickaninnish Beach.
25/11/2011 Scientists sink body of fin whale off San Diego coast
21/11/2011 Dutch court rules killer whale can be sent to zoo

October 2011
30/10/2011 Experts examining killer whales’ salmon diet
25/10/2011 Killer whales treat skin with a tropical vacation

September 2011
21/09/2011 Threatened fin whales showing up near Island in increasing numbers

August 2011
18/08/2011 CBC Radio Entangled Humpback Update, featuring interview with Christie McMillan
17/08/2011 L90’s Injury

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