BC Marine Mammal Response Network

Please report all marine mammals found dead or in distress.
Call the toll-free reporting hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1 800 465 4336

Cetus Society is a member of the BC Marine Mammal Response Network (BCMMRN), which works toward the conservation and protection of marine mammals and sea turtles in BC waters.

Our goal is to help distressed marine mammals, and collect data from dead ones. We also keep track of threats such as disease outbreaks, inappropriate or illegal human activity, contamination, disturbance, vessel strikes, and entanglements. In doing so, our network supports scientific research, and conservation recovery efforts. Although Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) is the governing agency with the authority for the protection and management of marine mammals and sea turtles in Canada, the BCMMRN is a collaborative program between government agencies, research, conservation and outreach groups, wildlife rescue organizations and BC citizens. Together we respond to reports of dead, injured, sick, and harassed marine mammals.

Occurrences of entangled whales or other marine mammals are becoming more and more frequent off the coast of BC. The effects of entanglement in fishing gear, rope, or garbage can be devastating to an individual and/or population. Entanglement related moralities can be acute or chronic in nature based on the cause of death. Acute causes include: drowning (believed to be relatively rare in larger species) and peracute tissue damage (leading to blood loss, dislocation of appendages, muscle damage); where as, Chronic causes include: malnutrition, systemic infection, appendage amputation, bone proliferation, behavioral pathologies (capture myopathy), and chronic stress.

Cetus works together with various local specialists including the Marine Mammal Response Network to help save entangled marine mammals when possible.