BC killer whale ecotypes – by Tim Silva

My Dear Reader, It is a cold, rainy day here at Eagle Eye as I write to you. I do not mind the weather though, as the cause that I have pledged myself to, working with the Robson Bight Warden … Continue reading

Marbled Murrelets & The Robson Bight Ecological Reserve – By Sarein Basi-Primeau

                The Robson Bight Marine Warden Program has been up and running since the beginning of July and we have been keeping busy contacting mariners educating them about the Reserve boundaries, the Be … Continue reading

What’s all the (underwater) buzz about? Underwater Noise and Cetacean Health

07/24/2015 In my current position as a Land-based Marine Educator with Cetus Research and Conservation Society – and as a budding scientist with a deep interest in effective scientific communication – a role of mine is to help people understand … Continue reading

Human-Wildlife Conflict in the News and Cetus’ Role

Three cetaceans disentangled from fishing gear in one week[1]. A Conservation Officer is originally suspended from his job because he chooses send two black bear cubs to a rehabilitation center rather than destroying them with their mother[2]. A man punches … Continue reading

Our 2015 Season has just kicked off, almost without a hitch…

We have once again kicked off another season out here at Boat Bay and Eagle Eye, with some keen new crew as well as some seasoned staff with the Robson Bight Warden Program. Check out our staff bios to learn … Continue reading

My Summer with Cetus – By Cassandra Andrew

As the month of August comes to a close, so too does my time as the Student Marine Educator/Land-based Outreach Coordinator for Cetus. All I can think is that I wish I had more time! The tasks of this position … Continue reading