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Call Sign Reno – By Erin Parsons

With almost 26,000km of coastline British Columbia is abounding with areas to explore and beach comb. Winter storms and high tides bring in a multitude of items ranging from lost fishing gear and trash to trees and mats of kelp. … Continue reading

Week one of the trip of a lifetime – By Kay Andrews

The closer I got to Alert Bay the bigger my smile became. I’d finally arrived at the start of the biggest and best adventure I’d always dreamed of. The sun was shining the totem poles were at their brightest and … Continue reading

Robson Bight Beach Cleanup #2

Thanks to 23 dedicated whale watchers/researchers, young naturalists, Cetus Society and B.C. Parks the second Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve/Boat Bay Conservancy beach cleanup was a huge success! The team set out at 8am from Telegraph Cove on the … Continue reading

Save the salmon, Save the whales – by Kat Middleton

In British Columbia, salmon are culturally important to First Nations and are highly valued by commercial and recreational fishing industries. Pacific salmon have been commercially harvested since the late 1800’s, which has significantly contributed to the reduction of wild salmon … Continue reading

Warden Camp Upgrades

Another season has come to an end for the Robson Bight Warden Program. Not only was it a very successful and exciting season on the water, but it was off the water as well…the Warden Camp got a makeover!! It’s … Continue reading

Grey skies, grey whales and great expectations

The summer of 2011 marks the twenty-ninth year since the establishment of the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve (RBMBER). During the early 80’s, the area now known as Robson Bight was going to become a booming ground for the … Continue reading