Our 2015 Season has just kicked off, almost without a hitch…


We have once again kicked off another season out here at Boat Bay and Eagle Eye, with some keen new crew as well as some seasoned staff with the Robson Bight Warden Program. Check out our staff bios to learn more, as well as our intrepid interns, some of whom will be with us for the entire summer season!


The camp set-up ALMOST went off without a hitch…unfortunately someone decided to steal our warden dock!? It was kindly donated to us 10 years ago by a local Alert Bay man and we have always secured it in a safe and sheltered cove for the winter but when we went to tow it to Boat Bay for the summer season we were very surprised to see it was gone and untied from the lines that secured it, along with our anchor and buoy that kept it in place. The Robson Bight Warden program is almost entirely water-based. Our wardens spend 8-hour days traversing the Strait and patrolling the boundaries of the Ecological Reserve. All the work of our wardens is launched from our camp dock in Boat Bay on West Cracroft Island and we are struggling to get our job done without it! We are now trying to find someone to donate a replacement dock but we are really hoping to raise enough funds to make out own dock. Cetus would like to acquire a new floating dock from a company called Balance Industries, which has offered to help us if we can raise the necessary funds. The dock’s floats are made from encapsulated or wrapped recycled foam. Please donate and see how you can help!


Our first day on the water was Canada Day, July 1st, and we have been busy since. Our first evening we had a humpback whale travel right by our camp and we have spotted many Dall’s porpoise, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Bigg’s (transient) killer whales and Steller sea lions in the area so far but no word yet on the Northern Residents. The wardens have already chatted with many of the eco-kayak groups in the area and are looking forward to interacting and educating the many other visitors that will come to visit the Robson Bight area this season! Please come and talk to us if you see us on the water, our vessel name is Warden One, and if you feel like a nice walk through the forest please come visit us at Eagle Eye, where you will get an amazing view and perspective of the beauty that Robson Bight provides, the reason we strive to protect it and the marine mammals that call it home.


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