Show Our Oceans Some Love!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We at Cetus are hoping that you will all take a moment today to recognize the incredible gifts our oceans provide for us and that you will, in turn, show your love for our oceans, today and every day. Here are 3 simple ways…

1)      Say NO to plastic!!

  • Plastic pollution is a HUGE problem that affects every aspect of the marine environment and all the animals that live there. If we all make a conscious effort to reduce our daily plastic consumption we can all help to make our oceans healthier.
  • Check out this awesome blog for some thought-provoking stories about plastic consumption and ideas on how we can reduce this!

2)      Make a donation on behalf of your loved ones!

  • Make a donation to our marine conservation programs in someone’s name today and we will send you and them a special Valentine’s e-card. Trust me you want to see this!
  • Just follow this link to make a donation and then send us an e-mail at with your recipients name and e-mail address.

3)      Help raise awareness about ocean issues

  • Share this blog post on facebook, on twitter, through e-mail, however you communicate, to remind your friends and family how special our oceans are. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so that you don’t miss any information about the exciting ocean conservation projects we have on the go!

Thanks for the continued support! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Cetus Society!

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