Scott’s New ‘Do!

A few months ago we had a new barber shop open up in our office building and the owners Aspa and Tommy proved instantly to be a wonderful addition to the area. They painted the walls bright green and added a stunning mural which along with their friendly personalities really brightened the place up!

Not long after they moved in Tommy approached us with an idea. He is a talented hair artist and he wished to offer his creativity to the heads of Cetus Staff or interns. While some of us were hesitant at best about the idea of Tommy shaving our heads and adding whale art, our wonderful, up for anything intern, Scott Boyce jumped right on board! Scott thought that he could use this opportunity as a fundraising platform to raise money for our Straitwatch program. And so a plan was formed. Scott set out to collect pledges for his new ‘do and Tommy got to work planning his masterpiece.

I am pleased to announce that after raising over $100 in pledges Scott took the plunge and received his new hair style yesterday morning. It took nearly two hours to complete but I have to say the end result is incredible!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Tommy and Vic City Barbers for this super fun opportunity and of course to Scott for his bravery and hard work collecting pledges. Scott is going to continue to collect pledges and the more he collects, the longer he will keep the hairstyle. I can only imagine the exposure it will give Cetus to have our intern out and about with whales all over his head!

If you are interested in making a pledge, please click here and write “for Scott’s hair” in the comments.

For those of you in the Victoria area, I highly recommend you visit Vic City Barbers for your next cut. Whether you are looking for just a regular trim or something much more adventurous, you will not be disappointed.


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