Ocean’s Day at the Victoria Maritime Museum!

Last weekend Cetus Society joined other oceanic groups and the city of Victoria in celebrating Oceans Day 2012. We gathered in Bastion Square and set up in front of the Maritime Museum in order to spread the word about our oceans, the work we are doing in them, and how people can help protect these habitats and their residents. Among some friends that joined in this awareness and education were Georgia Straight Alliance and The Shaw Ocean Discovery Center. Though the weekend began slowly with high winds and low attendance Cetus saw an increase in interest on Sunday with a larger market downtown and better weather. We were able to distribute many brochures and educate on the ‘Be Whale Wise’ Guidelines. An increase in families helped us along as many of the children were drawn to our leatherback sea turtle skull and whale coloring center, not to mention free face painting at the museum’s table next to us. As we spread our message we were also able to direct people into the Maritime Museum for a special “by donation” entrance day so that they could partake in many of our short talks by researchers such as Romney McPhie who works to collect sightings of basking sharks in British Columbia. Overall the weekend was a success for all groups in attendance, Cetus included, with an increase in ocean awareness and hopefully this will bring us a step closer to protecting these incredible places.

written by Cetus Intern Erin Parsons

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